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     We are stained glass artists and craftsmen specializing in the fabrication and repair of stained, leaded, and beveled glass panels for all applications with styles that range from Victorian to Prairie Style to Craftsman/Mission and Contemporary. Our 9 plus decades of combined experience has provided our team of skilled artisans with a unique expertise in the restoration and fabrication of the timeless art of stained glass windows.

We are Stained Glass Contractors offering:



*Residential: Window panels, Door panels, Sidelite panels, Transom panels for design accent or address identification (leaded numbers), Bathroom panels for privacy, Ceiling panels for backlit illumination, and Cabinet door glass, etc.

*Commercial: Installations that include leaded art glass panels for
decorative display in any retail, corporate or culinary enterprise
that requires a touch of sophistication and traditional warmth.
Such applications may include Corporate logos fabricated as art
glass display (signage), Booth dividers for patron seating privacy,
and Storefront accents to increase retail “Street Appeal”.

*Production: Fabrications of volume quantities where construction
schedules require precise installation timing and accurate
architectural specifications.

*Insulated Glass Units: Tempered units with art glass sealed inside for protection and to meet energy code requirements.

*Stained and Leaded Glass Repairs: We can provide quality on-site repairs of any stained, leaded and beveled glass panel and can offer our “Remove and Board-Up” service to assure a quality repair where needed.

*Fully Insured: Assuring all construction site insurance requirements.

Precision craftsmanship is the ultimate goal of an art glass fabricator. This quality is evident in every detail of our work.

We are proud that our "on time and within budget" style continues to generate many referrals and repeat customers.



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