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commercial stained glass cedar rapids

Our Experience

At Commercial Art Glass, we understand that it’s the small details that count in the end. A beautiful bevel cluster in the center of a window, adding a few hand-painted details with acrylic paint, manufacturing a custom color so that it matches a business’ brand or interior – all of these slight adjustments determine the overall outcome of a stained glass window. As Cedar Rapids’ commercial art glass experts, we work with skill and precision every day to create detailed works of art that transform the overall appearance of commercial and public buildings.

We’ve been in the glassmaking business for over 25 years and commercial projects are our specialty. Getting to know the business owners or board members of a church and build relationships within the local community is an experience that we treasure each time. Whatever your needs, whether it’s a new addition to your restaurant, hotel, or retail store, or stained glass restoration for your Cedar Rapids church, we’re here to listen and help you make a plan for achieving your goals.

From simple signs and windows to complex ceiling restorations, detailed sanctuary room stained glass, and beyond, our services for commercial businesses is fully comprehensive. Let us bring your vision to life!

commercial art glass restoration repair cedar rapids

Stained Glass Repair & Restoration for Cedar Rapids

The arts have long been revered in Cedar Rapids, and residents have an affinity for theater, music, comedy, and history, as well as traditional art. As such, the city is home to many lovely vintage churches, museums, and libraries. At Commercial Art Glass, we feel honored to work alongside the owners of these establishments and find solutions for preserving their historic stained glass art.

Stained glass repair and restoration for commercial properties is one of our areas of expertise, and a service we provide enthusiastically. If you have a piece of art glass in your church, home, or commercial property that is in need of cleaning, repair, or restoration, we would be glad to help. Our team will work with diligence and care to breathe new life into your beloved artwork so that it can continued to be enjoyed by your patrons over the coming years.

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Custom Art Glass Design Services for Cedar Rapids

Are you the owner of an upscale restaurant, hotel, or commercial property? Commercial Art Glass can create a stunning piece of art to glorify your establishment. Art glass instantly exemplifies the uniqueness of a space and speaks to its refined nature. Furthermore, it’s a great way to enhance your brand visibility and stand out to customers.

Our custom design services are far-ranging and are not limited to any shape, size, or building type. As artisans with over two decades of experience, we have the ability to produce alluring signs, windows, glass displays, interior features, doors, light fixtures, lamps, domes, and ceilings. Our work adorns the rooms and hallways of private businesses, churches, government offices, public buildings, and more. Reach out today to learn more about our public art and custom glass fabrication services.

commercial leaded glass cedar rapids

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Looking for advice on your upcoming project? Not sure where to begin with your art glass design? Call our office to speak to an expert. We’d love to chat with you about your needs and create a plan for making your vision a reality! We look forward to speaking to you soon!

Learn more about what commercial stained glass and restoration can do for your business. Schedule your free consultation today!