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Commercial Stained & Leaded Glass Windows for Michigan

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Why Choose Stained Glass?

Detroit has been an essential center of commerce for most of America’s history. It can be difficult for a business to stand out in this heavily saturated environment. Stained glass can make your Detroit office, hotel, restaurant, venue, or church look beautiful and help it stand out from the competition.

Leaded glass windows are a wonderful choice for businesses of all industries, including hospitality, event planning, fine dining, retail, and more. Improve the morale of your workforce by giving them an environment that they’re proud to work in, and help your business stick in the minds of past and potential customers with a unique piece of art for your property.

Whether you have stained glass that needs restoration or are considering a new installation, Commercial Art Glass in Detroit can help. Let us show you how we can enhance your building with an elegant and custom work of art!

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Historic Stained Glass Restoration

In a business-rich environment like Detroit, commercial stained glass needs to be in excellent condition. Otherwise, you risk losing the respect of your customers and employees. Furthermore, if the condition of your glass becomes critical, your windows may start falling apart, and glass pieces could come pummeling to the ground. If your stained glass is becoming faded or chipped, it’s best to restore it immediately, before your company’s image is damaged or your beloved work of art is lost forever. We’ll help you create a plan for preserving your historic windows in a financially viable manner!

Enhance Your Detroit Property with Commercial Stained Glass

Living in a big city like Detroit can be challenging, and many people find themselves searching out spaces with unique aesthetics, especially during the dark winters. Filling your business with beautiful stained glass can significantly boost employee morale, which will improve work performance. Furthermore, a gorgeous stained glass installation will help draw clients into your business and make your property a photo-worthy spot.

Commercial Art Glass has installed and restored over 80,000 stained glass installations in the 25 years that we have been in business. We are experienced in installing stained glass in hotels, religious spaces, event centers, restaurants, and public buildings. That’s why we’re a perfect match for your business!

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If you’re looking for something to draw attention to your Detroit company’s brand, commercial stained glass is a great choice. Beautiful stained glass can make customers look twice and even come inside when they otherwise would have kept on walking. Contact us at Commercial Art Glass to install or restore a signature stained glass piece in your business.

Learn more about what commercial stained glass and restoration can do for your business. Schedule your free consultation today!