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Commercial Art Glass for Kansas & Missouri Buildings

commercial stained glass kansas city

Why Choose Us?

If you’ve been dreaming about doing something special to make your business stand out, we have the experience to help. Since 1991, Commercial Art Glass and our sister company, Scottish Stained Glass, have been creating beautiful art glass installments.

Gorgeous commercial stained glass in your Kansas City business can impress and attract new customers, improve the aesthetics of your business for employees, and draw attention to your brand. Memorable stained glass helps your logo and branding stick in people’s minds. It’s a truly unique addition that you and your customers will enjoy.

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Stained Glass Repair & Restoration for Kansas City

Businesses with attractive spaces can stimulate creativity, reach higher sales volumes, and gain better recognition in their community. When employees engage with the aesthetic appeal of your business, they are more likely to identify positively with your business goals. On top of that, customers are more likely to be enticed to purchase your products or use your services. Letting your stained glass fall into disrepair can detract from the appearance of your property, so we’re here to help you restore it! We’ll work with care and precision to breathe new life into your historic stained glass and make it look lovely once again. 

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Elegant Stained Glass Window Design

It can be hard to get your business to stand out, especially on the busy streets of Kansas City. How do you make sure that you’re getting attention and not getting lost in the bustle? Installing a beautiful stained glass piece on your storefront will catch people’s eye and draw them in the door. Once they’re inside, the beautiful colors from the stained glass will give them a good impression of your entire business.

commercial stained glass kansas city

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Here at Commercial Art Glass, we know what it takes to build a unique stained glass feature to make your Kansas City business stand out. We can also restore your stained glass back to its original glory. Call us today!

Learn more about what commercial stained glass and restoration can do for your business. Schedule your free consultation today!