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Why Work With Us?

New Orleans is a truly one-of-a-kind city. Few places in America have as much character or dedication to the arts as this remarkable place. If you have a business in New Orleans,  you want your storefront to stand out. Beautiful commercial stained glass offers your New Orleans business the character and artistic touch that it needs.

Commercial Art Glass operates with a team of talented designers, artisans, staff that have  been installing and restoring beautiful stained glass for the past 25 years. We know how to make stained glass do the most for your hotel, event center, restaurant, public building, or religious space.

Commercial stained glass offers a unique artistic touch which will make your business fit in with the character of New Orleans while simultaneously standing out from the businesses around it. If you have a business or church with stained glass in disrepair, restoring it can dramatically improve your business success.

Let our team bring your vision to life and create beautiful public art for your building!

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Stained Glass Repair & Restoration for New Orleans

Beautiful buildings can dramatically improve the morale of employees and increase sales. By contrast, allowing features like stained glass windows to fall into disrepair will have negative effects on morale and customer perception. Disrepair may make your customers less likely to strongly identify with your brand, can impose safety hazards, and lead to the degeneration of priceless art. Our team of experts will implement a plan for repairing and restoring your commercial stained glass windows and make them look as good as new.

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Elevate Your Brand & Property with Commercial Stained Glass

Whatever kind of business you have, it is important that your brand makes an impact. Customers who remember your brand are more likely to choose your business for future needs and recommend it to others.

Complementary businesses are more likely to extend services and marketing opportunities to businesses that they can easily remember. By putting your brand and colors in gorgeous stained glass, you make it more likely that people will look at it and remember it.

 If you’re looking for a new project to improve the success of your business in New Orleans, commercial stained glass is a great pick. Our team will work diligently to bring your design to life and make your commercial property look stunning.

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Contact Our In-House Designers Today

If you’re ready to make your New Orleans business shine, commercial stained glass is a great way to go. Contact us at Commercial Art Glass today! We can install a beautiful new stained-glass feature or restore your current stained glass to its former glory.

Learn more about what commercial stained glass and restoration can do for your business. Schedule your free consultation today!