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Crafting Bold, Beautiful Stained Glass Windows for Kansas Businesses

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Our Work & Experience

Creating art from stained glass requires much more than a good eye. It involves understanding and applying techniques that have been passed down for centuries. At Commercial Art Glass, we’ve spent years mastering these skills and fine-tuning our technique. Through practice, education, and precision, we’ve developed a process that allows us to create and restore beautiful works of art. We’ve helped numerous businesses in Wichita and beyond find solutions to their stained glass and architectural needs.

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Detailed Stained Glass Repair & Restoration for Wichita

As stained glass windows across the country begin to age, conservation is becoming increasingly important. Like all antique works of art, stained glass plays a vital role in shaping the identity and prosperity of a community. Venues with stained glass are desirable destinations for weddings, gatherings, tourist events, and celebrations. At Commercial Art Glass, we’re committed to helping the businesses in Wichita repair and restore their stained glass art. We’ve repaired thousands of commercial windows located in a range of buildings, including hotels, restaurants, public offices, libraries, and churches. Let us help you recapture the flawless elegance of your stained glass.

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Custom Art Made from Stained & Leaded Glass

As artists, we understand that the little details make the biggest impact. Simple changes, like adding a stained glass window to a dining area or placing a decorative glass sign on the exterior of a retail store, can go a long way in enhancing a space and setting it apart from the rest. Commercial Art Glass is eager to help your Wichita business find solutions for elevating and improving your commercial property with stained glass. From entire ceilings to decorative windows for grand staircases, lobbies, and private banquet rooms, we can produce a wide range of fixtures for commercial buildings that make them come to life.

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Bring the Beauty of Stained Glass to Your Property

Stained glass is an emblem of elegance, and it brings refinement and dignity to the space it’s in. At Commercial Art Glass, we’re experts at creating beautiful, unique commercial windows for Wichita businesses using stained glass. Let us show you how stained glass can elevate your brand, increase your customer volume, and enrich the lives of your patrons.

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