While most non-essential businesses are currently closed throughout the nation, it’s always a good idea to take advantage of this time in order to consider your marketing strategy going forward. Finding ways to differentiate your business, attract new guests, and improve the buyer experience can all contribute to the long-term success of your business. Custom stained glass offers a great way to address your visual marketing and branding needs.

The Benefits of Custom Stained Glass for Your Business

Custom stained glass is highly versatile, offering a medium that can transform your existing space. From signage to stand-alone features, stained glass is the perfect addition to any business. You can create stunning features that become iconic to your business. Great for hospitality establishments, retail stores, restaurants, bars, spas, and more, stained glass can complement your decor while improving both beauty and function. Stained glass can be utilized for providing better privacy and comfort while doubling as a great feature for photo opportunities. Attract new potential guests, improve guest retention rates, and heighten property value with a great stained glass investment. You can create entire storefronts or small accents to certain parts of your business. Stained glass offers endless benefits that any commercial property can take advantage of.

Work with the Nation’s Trusted Commercial Stained Glass Studio

Commercial Art Glass is honored to be the trusted commercial stained glass studio serving the nation. We’re offering free virtual consultations and can help you get your commercial project started from the safety and comfort of your own home. Work with our leading stained glass artisans to create an incredible investment that addresses all of your branding and visual marketing needs. We’re happy to help by hand sketching your designs to bring your vision to reality.

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Martin Faith

Martin Faith is an experienced stained glass artisan and the proud owner and CEO of Commercial Art Glass. Martin and his team have been producing beautiful stained glass windows to glorify the walls of churches, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and commercial buildings for over 30 years. To date, the company has produced more than 50,000 unique works for customers located throughout the country. Acting as both a consultant and subject matter expert, Martin guides his customers through crucial decision-making processes and helps them pursue the solutions best for their business and brand. Some of Martin's most notable work includes commercial art glass projects for the Hotel Boulderado, Altar'd State, and the Soldier’s Memorial Chapel in Colorado Springs.