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Custom Stained Glass for Hotels, Retail Stores, and Other Commercial Properties

Commercial Art Glass proudly specializes in custom commercial stained glass for businesses in various industries. We’ve worked with countless commercial clients to create stunning, one-of-a-kind stained glass features that transform properties. Stained glass is a highly versatile medium that can complement any existing decor or architectural style. From contemporary leaded glass storefronts to iconic stained glass backdrops, our stained glass artisans have you covered.

The Benefits of Custom Commercial Stained Glass for Your Business

Custom commercial stained glass offers a wide array of benefits that any business can take advantage of:

  • Brand visualization and marketing: Stained glass offers a unique way to enhance your visual branding and marketing needs. Whether you use custom signage or unique stained glass features, stained glass is a great way to attract new guests, retain customers, and make your brand stick in your customers’ minds.
  • Privacy needs: Create gorgeous privacy glass features for dressing rooms, spas, and any common areas that require a bit more seclusion. Stained glass privacy solutions offer an effective privacy option that improves the look of your space.
  • Special event photo opportunities: Having a gorgeous stained glass feature in your hotel or event venue offers wonderful photo opportunities that guests are always looking for. Create a permanent art installation on your commercial property with custom stained glass.
  • Authenticity and ambiance: Enhance your guests’ experience by adding authenticity and ambiance with stained glass. From restaurants to storefronts, stained glass can really transform the feeling of a commercial space.

Commercial Stained Glass Industries

Virtually any industry can take advantage of custom commercial stained glass. This highly versatile medium adds both function and beauty to any commercial property. We’ve worked with clients in the following industries:

  • Restaurants, casinos, pubs, and clubs
  • Hotels, wedding venues, and hospitality establishments
  • Retail shops and storefronts
  • Churches, houses of worship, and religious properties
  • Many more

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Commercial Art Glass welcomes all custom commercial stained glass projects. We would love the opportunity to make your vision a reality! Work with our talented and experienced stained glass artisans to design the perfect stained glass feature for your property.

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