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The Nation’s Leading Stained Glass Restoration Studio

Church Stained Glass Restoration is proud to be the leading, trusted stained glass restoration studio serving houses of worship throughout the nation. We’re honored to share some of our favorite restoration projects, providing portfolio pieces and inspiring outcomes that continue to give back to communities and congregations.

Sunset Funeral Home Mausoleum Stained Glass Restoration

Hail is often a culprit behind severe stained glass damage. Backed by an insurance claim, Sunset Funeral Home Mausoleum was able to obtain our services for a thorough restoration of their stained glass. Learn more about their restoration project.

Mount Olive Lutheran Church Stained Glass Restoration

With an abundance of historical value, Mount Olive Lutheran Church has been a staple in its community. With missing stained glass pieces and considerable damage, we’re happy to have been able to properly restore their inspirational windows. Learn more about this comprehensive restoration project.

Lutheran Hospital Chapel Stained Glass Restoration

Damaged by a severe hailstorm, many of the stained glass windows in the Lutheran Hospital Church were impacted by the golf ball sized hail. We provided a thorough, off-site restoration that was able to bring their windows back to the original condition. Learn more about this incredible restoration project.

First United Methodist Church, Kansas Stained Glass Restoration

With plexiglass contributing to accelerated deterioration, First United Methodist Church sought out a solution that would make their stained glass viewable from the outside again. The warped nature of their stained glass required a full restoration, providing a replacement for the plexiglass and exterior framing as well. Learn more about their stained glass restoration project.

First United Methodist Church, Missouri Stained Glass Restoration

Significantly impacted by a tornado, First United Methodist Church experienced damage to their 130-year-old stained glass windows. As one of our larger restoration projects, we’re proud to have been able to restore all of their stained glass. Learn more about their amazing restoration project.

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