Altar’d State

Contemporary Leaded Glass Retail Project

The Soldier’s Memorial Chapel is located at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Fort Carson is the home to the 4th Infantry Division which is currently celebrating their 100th anniversary. The 4th Infantry Division is one of the divisions that fought in WWII on D-Day and has a very proud history.

The beautifully designed stained glass windows were created for the chapel in 1967. Several years later, plexiglass was installed on the exterior of the windows to aid in damage prevention. In 2018, the chapel experienced a severe hailstorm that caused significant damage to its stained glass windows. The large hail actually bent the plexiglass inwards, cracking the stained glass panels it was meant to protect. About 27 pieces of handpainted glass were either smashed or cracked during this storm.

Manufacturing and Assembly of Altar’d State’s Boulder Boutique 

With any commercial project, there’s always a strict timeline that has to be followed. When Altar’d State was given their work permits, our team of stained glass artisans had a total of three weeks to successfully complete the entire manufacturing process before the assembly and installation deadline. The project scope included an extensive leaded glass storefront that wrapped around the entire location, a 12-foot privacy leaded glass feature, and an 8-foot leaded glass rotunda ceiling by the dressing rooms. In total, we had to produce 400 square feet of leaded glass. Since the store was being built from the ground up, everything we manufactured was based on the dimensions and plans provided. 


One of the more challenging parts of this leaded glass project was all the curved glass. Our team had to calculate the exact radius of all of the leaded glass so that we could manufacture custom molds for the finalized pieces. Since we only had three weeks to complete this project, we didn’t have any time for mistakes or recreations. All of the leaded glass features had to follow all of the exact specifications. We utilized a 15-person team that worked hard to ensure all dimensions and angles were perfect. When installation time came around, we were happy that all the leaded glass pieces fit together so seamlessly. 

Leaded Glass Installation and Project Completion 

Our team worked alongside other designers and contractors to achieve this incredible storefront. While we focused on installing all of the leaded glass features, contractors were installing the metal framing and copper cladding. It was an incredible team effort as we assembled the leaded glass storefront while designers were setting up interior clothing displays and coordinating inventory. We were astonished by how all the different teams worked so synergetically, creating a beautiful storefront that looked like it should’ve taken several months to accomplish. 


The 12-foot privacy leaded glass feature was assembled in front of the dressing rooms to create both visual interest and privacy. We love how it added both function and beauty, creating an incredible focal piece for the entire store. Altar’d State took their customer hand-written prayer books and produced custom wallpaper for the dressing room area. The contrast between this wallpaper and the leaded glass feature is stunning, enhancing the buyer experience. Behind the privacy leaded glass is where we also installed an 8-foot leaded glass dome. This rotunda feature has a lighting component installed in the center, creating a gorgeous halo effect. 

Work with the Nation’s Leading Contemporary Commercial Glass Specialists

We welcome you to visit our client’s boutique located on the 29th Street Mall in Boulder. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind buying experience that’s enhanced through art. We love creating custom retail stained and leaded glass and would love the opportunity to create visual interest for your storefront. Experience improved buyer experience while attracting more potential clients. Introduce beauty and function into your retail space with custom leaded glass. 

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