The Lark & Sparrow

A Commercial Stained Glass Restoration Project

Originally built in 1911, the Masonic Temple is a historical landmark located in Montrose, Colorado. The owner at the time decided to transform the existing space into a music event center for the community called The Lark & Sparrow. Inside of this property is an original stained glass ceiling feature that is over 100 years old. The owner contacted us for a full restoration in hopes of keeping this stunning feature in the best condition possible.

Commercial Stained Glass Restoration Project Scope

With 48 individual stained glass panels weighing over a ton combined, the original ceiling feature was experiencing rapid deterioration from age and gravity. The steel brace bars were coming loose, the lead was very brittle, and the overall feature began to sag. This caused the glass the crack and fall apart, requiring extensive restoration before it was too late. When it comes to restoring older stained glass pieces, the main challenge is matching the original glass. Finding matching pieces can be almost impossible, requiring our stained glass artisans to find creative solutions. From custom glass blowing to layering paint colors on textured glass, we always find a way to create a perfect match for restored glass.

Restoration Project Details and Completion

Our team carefully removed all of their stained glass panels and transported them back to our studio for restoration. We let the panels soak in an alkaline solution in order to remove the decades of dirt buildup and restore the original sparkle. The panels were individually rebuilt with restored glass pieces and new lead to heavily reinforce the structure. The project took about four months to complete, and we estimate it will be over 200+ years until it will need another restoration. We reinstalled the restored stained glass ceiling just in time for their grand opening.

Work with the Nation’s Leading Commercial Stained Glass Restoration Specialists

We welcome you to schedule a tour of The Lark & Sparrow next time you’re in Montrose. It is currently a private venue for business and private use. We’re proud to have been able to restore their stained glass ceiling before it fell apart! Now, future generations can enjoy this gorgeous feature for the next couple of centuries. We appreciate any opportunity to properly preserve stained glass and facilitate a building’s historic charm.

We would love the opportunity to restore your original commercial stained glass feature. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!