Many retailers want to stand out against their competition. This is because we live in a day and age of a lot of noise. So, if your commercial space, especially a storefront, falls into the background–you are going to have a hard time attracting customers–and making money. A good solution to this is by installing a stained glass feature in your commercial store. These accents of stained glass come in a variety of vessels. Look at some of these stained glass installation ideas below.

Stained Glass Features in Retail Stores

Stained Glass Panels in Stores: Stained glass panels can be hung in your store’s windows to liven up your brand. It adds a pop of color without taking over the entire window. This is a less expensive option than having the entire storefront covered in stained glass and preserves interior and exterior views too.

Stained Glass Retail Transom Windows: For retail locations, something as small as a stained glass transom window.–can really make them stand out. These windows are typically smaller and above doors or other windows–which makes them perfect for a pop of style. They work great as decorations but also make a fantastic number of plates.

Stained Glass Store Windows: If you want to go big and have the budget one of the best uses of stained glass in retail is to make your whole storefront stained glass. This really makes your business stand out and makes it a novel attraction to those passing by. This definitely draws in more foot traffic and boosts your bottom line.

Talk to Commercial Art Stained Glass About a Retail Stained Glass Feature

These ideas are all really cool and something you may be considering. The fact of the matter is–there aren’t very many commercial stained glass makers out there. But here at Commercial Art Stained Glass, we have many options, standard, and custom, to be installed as stained glass features for storefronts and store interiors. Contact us today for more information today!