Determining whether or not stained glass restoration is a noble pursuit for your Denver church or historic building is a complex matter to say the least. On one hand, you have to consider the good that can come from preserving a lovely work of art that your patrons adore. One the other, there are serious financial concerns at stake.

In order to make a truly justifiable decision, you must be armed with all of the facts. In this article, we’ll discuss historic stained glass restoration in detail and the benefits of preserving commercial art glass.

Stained Glass Restoration: A Closer Look at the Process

Before you can determine whether or not stained glass restoration is worth the investment for your Denver building, you need to understand all of the undertakings involved in the process. Stained glass restoration is a labor-intensive process. Furthermore, it can only be performed by a select few who are qualified enough to perform repairs on such fragile historic art.

Generally, the process involves a series of steps which are completed in phases. These include:
1. The examination of the stained glass
2. The removal of the entire unit
3. Detail-oriented cleaning
4. Taking apart the stained glass piece by piece
5. Matching broken pieces and adapting new ones for replacement
6. Hand painting of small details
7. Firing the glass in a kiln
8. Sealing and cementing of the entire unit
9. Final polishing
10. Installation of the newly restored stained glass

Benefits of Preserving Commercial Art Glass

Now that you understand all that is involved in the process, it’s easier to see why there are considerable costs associated with the repairs. However, as costly as it may be, in many cases, it makes absolute sense to carry on with the repairs regardless.

This is because restoring the stained glass can be beneficial to the property owner and patrons for many reasons. For one, the owner is performing a good deed in preserving a piece of art and history that is important to the community. Two, the newly restored stained glass may bring in money by serving as an attraction for tours, weddings, and gatherings. Third, the cost to repair the stained glass may be offset by the increase in property value.

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