Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

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Commercial Art Glass is Pittsburgh’s number one stained glass studio for custom stained glass and restoration here in The Steel City. From restoring stained glass ceilings in hotels in The Strip District Cherry to creating stained glass signage for stores in The Hills District–we are one of the most experienced stained glass art studios in the US for the job. Whether you are searching for a one-of-a-kind stained glass installation or have an older stained glass window that needs to be restored–we are the go-to artisan you need. We would love to make something new or restore a historical stained glass masterpiece back to its original luster.

Custom Commercial Art Stained Glass in Pittsburgh

Custom stained glass is a unique way for businesses of all types to get attention. It is also a great way to hone in on your brand’s voice and pull in customers passing by. We have worked with businesses from large retail chains to smaller single store locations to make stunning, custom stained glass. From signage to ceilings we would be happy to work with you and make your artistic dream a reality.

Stained Glass Restoration for Pittsburgh Commercial Properties

Stained glass in commercial locations in Pittsburgh is more common than you may imagine. In fact, a lot of our historic buildings here have lovely stained glass features created over 100 years ago. These masterpieces have endured generations but, as it were, stained glass needs to be restored every 80 years or so. This means quite a few of our city’s stained glass works require restoration. By choosing to restore the stained glass in your Pittsburgh bank, retail store, or hotel you are adding another century (or more) to its already amazing life.

Pittsburgh’s Trusted Commercial Art Stained Glass Specialists

Here at Commercial Art glass in Pittsburgh, we are proud of our two-plus decades of experience designing, creating and restoring stained glass. It has allowed us to become one of the nation’s most sought after stained glass studios. Our use of cutting-edge lead additives means our restored windows could last another two centuries before needing restoration and our custom creations will last just as long. Regardless of what your vision is for the stained glass art in your Pittsburgh commercial location, we can make it a reality for you! Contact us today for pricing on custom stained glass or to schedule a free, on-site estimate for stained glass restoration in Pittsburgh.

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