At Commercial Art Glass, we specialize in bringing historic art back to life. Our recent project at the Hotel Boulderado in Boulder, Colorado, showcases our dedication to preserving the past while ensuring longevity. This majestic hotel is an iconic landmark and a testament to Victorian charm and Rocky Mountain elegance.

About the Boulderado Hotel

The Hotel Boulderado, situated in downtown Boulder, Colorado at the corner of 13th and Spruce Streets, first welcomed guests on January 1, 1909, marking its establishment as the city’s inaugural luxury hotel. This historic landmark is celebrated for its Victorian elegance and the distinct beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Among its most distinctive features is the stained-glass ceiling in the lobby, intentionally designed to mirror the original ceiling of the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, which was unfortunately destroyed in the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. The stained glass, along with the hotel’s prime location in downtown Boulder and reputation for quality service, makes it a special destination for both travelers and locals.

Key Challenges

The stained glass ceiling of Hotel Boulderado faced structural issues due to age and gravity. Approximately 40 years ago, sagging and other problems began to emerge, compromising the safety and integrity of this historic piece. A previous attempt at restoration failed, necessitating our expertise.
The original stained glass ceiling, designed to be a centerpiece, started showing signs of wear, notably sagging, which posed a safety hazard. The intricate design and high placement of the glass, approximately 60 feet above the lobby, added complexity to the restoration challenge. The hotel’s continuous operation, especially during the wedding season, required a solution that would not disrupt its functioning or compromise the ceiling’s aesthetic appeal​​.


Our approach involved meticulous planning and execution. Understanding the ceiling’s prominence in hotel events, particularly weddings, we replicated each of the 80 stained glass panels to avoid any disruption during the restoration process.
To ensure the integrity of the ceiling for generations to come, we focused on both aesthetic and structural restoration. Each panel was carefully removed and individually restored, with a strong emphasis on matching the original artistry and coloration. We also installed a proper reinforcement structure to address the safety concerns and minimize the risk of future sagging. Our commitment to preserving the historic significance while enhancing durability was paramount in our approach​​.


We carefully removed the original panels in batches of seven, replacing them with replicas to maintain the ceiling’s appearance during the hotel’s busy season. This process took about seven months, ensuring minimal impact on the hotel’s operations and guest experience.
Our team worked diligently, often during off-peak hours, to ensure the least disruption to the hotel’s daily operations. The batch-by-batch removal and restoration approach allowed us to meticulously focus on each panel, ensuring the highest quality of restoration. Throughout the process, we communicated closely with the hotel management to align our work with their event schedule, ensuring that the hotel’s business and reputation were maintained​​.


The restoration of the stained glass ceiling at Hotel Boulderado not only revitalized a key historical element of the hotel but also infused a renewed sense of Victorian elegance into its ambiance. This meticulous restoration addressed crucial safety concerns, particularly the issue of sagging due to the ceiling’s elevated position. By enhancing the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal, the hotel’s management has ensured that this iconic feature continues to captivate guests for many years to come. The longevity of the stained glass, now expected to endure for another century or more, signifies a lasting commitment to preserving the hotel’s heritage while providing a unique and enchanting experience for future visitors. This restoration, therefore, not only honors the hotel’s past but also fortifies its future as a distinguished landmark in Boulder, Colorado.

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At Commercial Art Glass, we take pride in our ability to combine artistic skills with technical expertise. This project at the Hotel Boulderado stands as a testament to our commitment to preserving historical art. We invite you to witness this remarkable restoration and consider our services for your commercial property’s stained glass needs!

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