Commercial Stained Glass Restoration

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Historic stained glass features can quickly become the main attraction for your commercial space. These pieces of art not only attract potential clients, but they also provide significant antique value for your property. When your stained glass begins to deteriorate, don’t let permanent damage occur. Stained glass restoration offers incredible benefits for your business and ensures that your one-of-a-kind feature can be treasured for centuries to come. 

Signs of Commercial Stained Glass Deterioration

Stained glass typically requires restoration every 75-100 years. This number can be impacted by several variables that can accelerate the rate of deterioration. Vandalism, severe storms, and other events can require an immediate restoration process. There are numerous signs to look for when analyzing the condition of your commercial stained glass:

  • Brittle, cracked, or soft lead
  • White dust appearing on your glass
  • Cracked, scratched, broken, or missing glass pieces
  • Concave or convex glass
  • Discoloration or fading
  • Yellowing Plexiglas
  • Excessive dirt buildup 
  • Light gaps
  • Detached reinforcement bars
  • Cracked soldering joints 

If you notice one or more of these conditions, your stained glass is likely ready for restoration. A timely restoration is key to saving money, time, and resources. The longer you put off restoration, the more damage can occur. If you wait too long, there might be a chance that your restoration will cost more than replacing the window, resulting in lost antique and historical value.

The Commercial Stained Glass Restoration Process

We begin the restoration process with an onsite assessment of your stained glass. Our lead stained glass artisan will evaluate all the underlying causes of deterioration and create a report that details the current condition of your glass. The assessment will outline a custom restoration plan based on your stained glass’ needs. It will also include the project timeline, estimate, and cost-benefit analysis.

Once you’ve decided to proceed with your commercial stained glass restoration, our team will carefully remove your stained glass and replace it with temporary windows or panels if applicable. We’ll transport them back to our studio, where they’ll soak for up to two weeks in a cleaning solution. This soaking process removes all the dirt and debris that has built up on your stained glass panels over the decades. It also allows us to easily disassemble it piece by piece. 

We catalog all the glass pieces that are still in great condition while we work on replacing the damaged pieces. We strive to find perfect matches from our comprehensive glass inventory. If we don’t have a perfect match, we’ll create one through various creative solutions. The damaged hand-painted glass will be replicated by one of our leading artists. Our team members specialize in painted glass recreation, replicating everything down to the technique and brush stroke. We always prioritize preserving as much of the original piece as possible. 

When all glass pieces are restored, we create new lead came for your piece to ensure better structural integrity. Black cement is forced into all of the cracks to provide further support for all of the glass and lead. Once it has properly cured, we’ll polish the glass to ensure all remaining debris is removed. Your commercial stained glass is then transported back to its home for installation. You’ll be stunned by how luminous your restored stained glass looks!

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