Every stained glass window has a unique look and a distinct history.  This is part of why stained glass windows are so very valuable. Furthermore, they are always extremely cherished by those who own them–homeowners or churchgoers. However, as stained glass ages it always needs work–from repairs to cracks to full restoration, this form of art requires maintenance.  A lot of times the damage looks worse than it is–other times you would barely know something is wrong unless you are an expert. In both cases, we often get questions about the cost-benefit of getting stained glass restoration or removed. As it were, there are many benefits to restoring old stained glass both for the value of your glass, your home or church, and your city.  We will explore all of these below.

 Weighing The Cost Of Replacing Vs. Restoring Stained Glass Windows

 Whether you restore or remove and replace a stained glass window in your home or church is very much a personal decision.  But this decision can have financial implications as well

  1.  How Restoration Affects The Value of Your Stained Glass Window: Restoring an aging stained glass window, especially a large one, can be expensive, however, once they are restored, they are 4x more valuable than a new stained glass window. So, although a new stained glass window may cost less upfront,  it will be decades before its value is anywhere near a restored antique stained glass window. 
  2.  How Stained Glass Removal Affects The Value of Your Property:  Whether you want to remove a stained glass window in your church or home, you must consider how this will affect your property value. Keep in mind that–depending on the size, style, condition, and artist associated with your stained glass it can appraise for upwards of $600 per square foot!
  3.  How Stained Glass Affects Your City History:  Stained glass is one of those antique items that is so valuable historically because it is such a great reflection of the time period in which it was built.  For this reason, restoring stained glass, rather than removing, is a way to preserve a piece of history in the city you live in. 

Commercial Art Glass For Your  Church Stained Glass Restoration

If your church or home stained glass shows signs of wear or is over 80 years old, we suggest having Commercial Art Glass come and do a free appraisal.  You can’t be too careful when it comes to these aging beauties. Stained glass should not be left in its original state like other antiques, rather, the damage will only grow worse and more costly to repair over time. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.